Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chicks in the City

Last Saturday I spent the day taking a class on chickens. Yes. Chickens.It was at Oakhurst Community Gardens in Decatur taught by a great couple, Andy and Jen. Andy is the Chicken Whisperer. He has tons of links on his blog with good chicken information. Warning: It is addictive!

 The class was so great. It was really a crash course on keeping chickens in your backyard. I have been dreaming about this for a while now. Dave is on board and we have been trying to get our backyard ready to build a coop. We have a ways to go. I think we're gonna need a bobcat to rip out old growth though! We can do it! Anyone want to help?

Here are some pics from the coop tour. We got to go to local homes that keep chickens to see their coops, chickens and ask questions. I went with my friend Kristie. We rode our bikes all over Decatur to see these chicken homes. We felt like amazing women.

Here are a few chickens scratching through some hay and scraps.

Here is a pretty lady. I think that she is striking in her black and red ensemble! The ladies were enjoying the shade of this holly bush. And let me just tell you, it was a hot day! The hottest in quite a while!

This was my favorite coop, well both of ours really. The owner did a great job. He took the best options from different coops and put them together into this one. We are going to try to recreate this in our backyard. I know that Dave can do it. I am so glad that I have such a handy husband!

These are some pretty ladies feeding in another yard. I love the black and white look!

And last a such a pretty buff chicken.

I am hooked. I can't wait to have chickens. They are so cute, are great pets and they give you something back. Yes, the Sutton farm may open it's gates sooner than we ever imagined. Naw, we are just making good use of the space we have. Chickens seem like the next step to being more self sufficient. And they are so darn adorable! More chicken talk to come!!! 

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Joy said...

Well, I just finished overhauling my blogs and remembered to check yours out again. You have made chickens sound so cool that now I want some! I wish I had the guts to do that! It was great meeting you the other night - expect to see me pop up on here from time to time.

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