Friday, July 30, 2010

Chicken development......

Just in case you are wondering what is going on inside of the eggs that Daisy is sitting on, here is a little pictorial. It is a little bit graphic. But, I think it is really amazing!!

I can't wait to see our little babies! Keep on growing. 

In other news,  I can wear shoes!! Hooray!! My foot is still broken, but is healing like it is supposed to. It is amazing how good wearing shoes can feel. I am off to enjoy a bit of summertime!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free Ice Cream?

Is there such a thing that tastes good? Yes!! There is. I have had the pleasure to try two different brands of coconut milk ice cream. They are both very good. The first one is by Purely Decadent.
It is creamy and delicious. Some of their flavors do contain sugar, so be on the look out. My main draw to this product- it is available at Kroger! That means I can feed a craving in the middle of the night! 

The second brand is Coconut Bliss.
When I have time to plan for ice cream this is my choice. I found it at Whole Foods and Life Grocery near me. I find Coconut Bliss to be creamier than the Purely Decadent brand. I like that!!

Both of these brands are sweetened with agave nectar. Both of these brands have been eaten by dairy lover friends of mine and they liked them!

What I love about these- I can have ice cream that is tasty and delicious!! Shoot. My Dr. even asked me if I had tried Coconut Bliss. YES! was my emphatic reply. Thank you Purely Decadent and Coconut Bliss for making such wonderful products for those of us who have limited diets or food allergies. Keep them coming!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eggciting News!!

We have some eggciting news around here! We are going to have grandchickens! "But Kara, you don't have roosters. How are you having grandchickens?", you ask. I know, I know. I will tell you our story. Before I broke my foot Daisy had starting sitting in a nest box a lot. She started out just sleeping there, which is odd. The girls usually sleep on a roost. She slowly started spending more and more time sitting in a nest box on a little lonely egg of her own or borrowing an egg that someone else laid. We would always gather the eggs so that she didn't have anything to sit on, but she insisted on staying in a nest box. Thus, we had a broody chicken. You call them broody when they start behaving like this, wanting to have chicken babies and sitting on a nest.

We tried to deter her. I put ice packs under her to start with. When going broody a hen raises her body temperature to incubate the eggs. So I essentially was trying to cool her down. She didn't take notice. Then I broke my foot. Edith took that as her clue to start sitting in the nest box too. Two broody hens? No way. Dave locked them out of their nesting area so that they couldn't get to a nest box. The two hens didn't want to give it up!! They waited for the door to be opened. Edith eventually gave, but Daisy started making a nest on the ground. We opened the door and she took back to the nest.

Once I was able to walk I started thinking that we needed to do something for our insistent momma. She didn't know that her eggs wouldn't make babies since there was no rooster to fertilize them. I talked to my relative James that I help out at the Marietta Square Farmer's Market. He has chickens. Many more than I do. I asked him if he could provide me with fertilized eggs and sure enough he did.

Here are the fertilized eggs in the nest. I marked them with pencil. Some other chickens like to lay eggs in the nest with each other. I needed to be able to tell them apart.  Dave placed the eggs on Tuesday night this last week. So, we should have baby chickens on August 10th or 11th!
Here is Daisy all fluffed up trying to distract me from her nest. 

And here she is all fluffed up on the nest. She fluffs up to make herself look bigger and distract you from her nest. She also squeals at you. It is kind of funny. Some chickens get really mean while they are on a nest. Daisy still lets me reach under her, although she squeals at me and fluffs up like this. I think she ultimately knows that I am not going to hurt her or her nest. 

I candled some eggs last night. This is when you look at an egg in the dark with a very bright small light to to see inside the egg. There are babies growing!! Good job Daisy.

Our eggs look something like this right now when candled. You can see the veins. The small red blob is the embryo! I will try to find more photos to post and will keep you updated! The time is going to fly by!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worth The Read

Change exploited kid laws |

Most of you know that ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children is near and dear to my heart. Atlanta, depending on who you talk to, is in the top 3 in the nation with this problem! That is our own backyard!

Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on this matter. This article in the AJC is a great place to start. It puts things in a perspective that you might not of thought about before. Let me know what your thoughts on the matter!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Quick Little Post

Boy, the time if flying by!! I wanted to blog a bit before the weekend comes. My foot is a bit better every day, or so it seems. I have over done it cooking in the kitchen and going to the store. I am learning my limits and getting more energy and brain power back every day. I man I changed the sheets, folded laundry and didn't turn the t.v. on for a whole day. Oh yea! I am on the way back.

I have really enjoyed my Bible study groups this summer. I still meet with some former high school girls every Tuesday afternoon. I love our time together, talking about life and God. It refreshes my soul. I think these girls will do great things for God and already are. I also meet with my adult girls, who I guess are technically former high school girls, every other Tuesday night. We are studying Ruth. I am enjoying the Bible study, but I enjoy my fellowship time with these lovely ladies more and more. They keep me grounded and sane, while pushing me toward God.

God. Been thinking about God a lot lately, well, once my brain decided not to be lethargic. I love God. I can not imagine my life without my belief in Him. He is so good. SO good. I feel it to my very core. The way he cares for us, provides for us, saves us and extends grace and mercy. Whoa. Yeah. So I am trying to spend more time on my knees and in the Word. Less time with the t.v. on. This will be good.

Alright, busy day ahead and maybe a busy weekend. I have to go listen to some music Dave just came up with then get ready for a quick road trip. Come on foot. We can do this!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time is passing...

I really thought that I would blog a bit more while I was down with my foot. I thought I would do a lot of things but the days have flown by. I really planned to read a lot, maybe catch up with some friends. I have mostly watched t.v. and rested. Oh well.

My foot is still quite painful. It is really frustrating. Most nights I haven't slept very well. I am walking without crutches now. That frees up my hands which is really nice. Walking is tough though. It wears me out and makes my foot hurt. Oh well. What do you do?

Let's see, Atta Girl has been outside for a couple of weeks now and doing great!!! We are so glad. Daisy however has taken to making a nest. Poor thing doesn't know her eggs have no chance of becoming baby chicks. We have tried everything!!! We kicked her out of the nest boxes for days, put ice under her to try and cool her down and she insists on sitting tight. So I have put out a request for fertilized eggs. We'll see if someone can help us out. I am not thrilled about this prospect, but we don't have many options. She isn't getting up much to eat or drink and her health can decline. We're trying to help you Daisy!!

I am still moving really slowly. I should be getting out to the store today, but I am not quite confident about getting out on my own. Sigh. Time will help.

What are you doing this summer?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White and

Well, two out of three isn't bad. Here's my new high class car decoration. I haven't used it much. Heck, I have hardly been out of the house!! Breaking a foot is no fun. The worst of it is that I haven't been sleeping very well. That really wears on me.

Today I am getting out of the house! We are going to my sister's to swim and eat with the family. I can't wait to get my foot out of this boot for a bit, cool off in the pool and get some sun on my toes. Happy Fourth of July ya'll!! Thank you to all of you who have served and are serving in our armed forces.
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