Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Babies

My babies crack me up and break my heart. We are at a dozen now. I have been treating them for coccidiosis. A couple of them are looking rough. Come on babies! They get this illness from eating their poo. Being baby chicks, they pick at everything! Coccidia are present in all chicken intestines. Most build up an immunity over time, but it can make them sick. The coccidia affect the intestinal lining, irritating it and causing possible hemorrhaging. I have started treating them. Hopefully I caught it in time. Come on chicky babies! Two of them seem to be suffering more than the others. I am watching them closely. 

On to happier thoughts, here is a video of my babies. A bug got into their brooder today and they went nuts! Have fun watching!


Stay tuned...


~heather said...

so super cute!

Jacoline said...

They are very very cute indeed! And I guess it's only getting more fun... Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

Jo said...

They are all so cute!!!!

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