Friday, May 29, 2009

Ode to Wuella

Thank you everyone for your encouragement, support and mourning with me. I had to take a bit before I could write more. Here she is. She was so cute and sweet.

She moved when I took this one.

I knew that she was struggling today because her neck was weak and she wasn't tweeting. I went in to give her her second meal of the day and she had passed away. All of the rest of the girls were quiet. I cried. I called Dave and left him a message at school. I took her out, of course. We will bury her and Lil' Runt together. Our first chick that hatched and our last chick that hatched. I am thankful for the experience. I learned so much! Many thanks to Andrew for helping me learn how to care for her. We celebrated his victory on Roswell today. Check it out here. It was great to be around chicken loving people after losing one. I will always remember our first chick. She holds a very special place our hearts.

The rest of the chicks are growing and starting to show their personalities. Loud, bossy, quick, quiet. Their wing feathers are coming in. They are so stinking cute. We have to start handling them more. We spent so much time taking care of Wuella that the rest of the girls didn't get a whole lot of attention. That is changing! This weekend I plan to take individual pictures and give them their proper names. 

If you want to come see the chicks, Tuesday looks good. Let me know. They will start looking funny in a couple of weeks as they start growing all of their feathers in and hit that unavoidable awkward stage. 

I am tired after a long day. We have a busy day ahead tomorrow. I will post more soon. stay tuned...

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