Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Incubator

Here is the incubator that I am using. It is a Hova-Bator. This model is fairly old. The newer ones look kind of like space capsules and most have a bigger viewing window.

I forgot to take a picture of the eggs before I put in the automatic turner. So here are the eggs in the automatic turner inside of the incubator. I love all of the colors! To the side is my hygrometer. The egg turner makes a full rotation in four hours. It is quiet and slow. It was so strange to wake up this morning and not have to turn the eggs! I didn't know that I would miss that ritual so quickly!

The countdown is on! Only two weeks until baby chicks should be hatching! 


Meghan said...

I have been loving all of these little chick updates. They crack me up!

Hopefully, by the time you have your chicks, I"ll FINALLY have mine hatched, too.

Love you.

Emily said...

Very neat Kara. Thanks for posting the pictures. I am enjoying them.

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