Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making Our Chickens a Home: Part 1

This weekend Dave and I began the journey into making our chickens a home. We have a large yard, but over the years due to neglect and a lack of effort, about half of the yard had become an overgrown urban jungle. Today that changed.

Dave and I got ourselves pumped up and hit the ground running with pruners, machete and chain saw in hand. I can not believe that we tackled so much in so little time. I had avoided that side of the yard for years! Now it seems like our yard has magically doubled in size. 

Here is a before picture. I had already started cutting stuff down, though.

Here are the piles of cut down backyard jungle.

Everything cut down!

We still have to get a bobcat back here to get the roots out of the ground. 30 year old root balls are not easy to dig up and there are many of them! I wish that we could just Roundup them away. A few things are going to stay, like azaleas. I just gave them a hard pruning. They should grow back lovely and easy to maintain. They will miss next years bloom, but it is worth it! We are also keeping the oakleaf hydrangea and some flowering quince. 

After bobcatting the place up, we will get a load of mulch to spread out over most of the area. We are going to plant grass in one small area. We also have to pick a new site for out Japanese Maple. That is a hard one. I think we might try to plant some blueberry bushes and an apple tree too, but I am thinking too far ahead. The chicken coop comes first! I will post pictures of our progression and keep you all up to date! Thanks for reading and anticipating our chicken home.

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Emily said...

You guys have been busy, and it looks great.

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