Friday, May 30, 2008

Schools Out for Summer!!

School is out! Except for the poor souls who have to go to summer school. I do not envy them. 
I have been wanting to blog for a while and have not been able to find the time. Lots to blog about.

The garden is growing!! Here is a shot of some bean rows. They are at least twice this size now! Everything is starting to sprout, take off, bloom, and fruit. I will take some full garden photos as things fill out. Most of our time has been spent mulching lately. We do a combination of methods. 
First we lay down newspaper
Second wet the newspaper
Third we top the newspaper with mulch
This really hold moisture in the ground and attracts the gardener's friend-worms. It also reduces weeds, time spent weeding and keeps dirt from splashing onto the fruit when it rains. Muddy veggies just aren't as appealing as clean ones!

We have our first blue blueberries. Aren't they beautiful? Hopefully next year we will have loads of them. The smaller variety of blueberry we have is just about to turn. I hope that they are as sweet as these.

I have yet to have some quality friend time while I have a break. It just hasn't worked out. Maybe soon. My friends and Dave were great this week. I was kind of down and emotional. Maybe because summer doesn't hold the joys it did when were kids, I don't know. I decided to take some time for myself and went to see Prince Caspian. I loved it!! Not only were the effects amazing, but I needed the story. A couple of things struck me. First, they kept fighting battles as best they knew how without knowing where Aslan was. And when Aslan showed up, the battle was fought in ways unimaginable!! (trying not to spoil it if you haven't seen it yet) This so reminds me of my walk with God in life. I live my life, sometimes trusting that I know what I am doing because I haven't felt lead by God to do otherwise. Then when He intervenes, does He ever!!! In ways that I would have never guessed. I love that about God. The second thing that struck me was Lucy's faith in Aslan. She knew that he was there even when others doubted and she fell into Aslan when she finally came face to face with him. Not only that, but with great courage she stood with her little dagger, ready to fight, knowing that Aslan was on her side. I feel like that a lot. Mostly like I have this wee little weapon or knowledge, but I am willing to use it!! God is bigger. I love that. I needed a trip to Narnia. It got my head back on straight. 

Today I worked in my own yard, weeding and planting annuals in my front flower bed. The weekend is upon us. My how it came quickly. Soon enough I will be starting another sort of job painting. Maybe the garden vegetables will take over and I will have to quit to sell them in my parents front yard. Just kidding, but one can only hope. 

Here is something that made me giggle last night. Can you see him?

He is rather camouflaged. I watched this neighborhood cat climb the dogwood tree last night. Up, up he went. Then he stopped. I walked outside and thought. "He didn't jump down. Where did he go?" I had to stare at the tree for a few minutes before I spotted him in the highest point of the tree. He was so well camouflaged. I called Dave out and made him look. It was so intriguing. Why did he climb so high? We think he was just playing. After a few minutes he made his way down. Needless to say, I am impressed. 

Well it is almost time for the Friday night ritual-eating Mexican with the fam. I think we have been going to the same restaurant every Friday night for 16 years. Me, my aunt, my cousin, my mom and whoever else shows up. It has grown to include our spouses and close friends. We have time to unwind and groan about the week past or to celebrate the week ahead. Good times. 

Until next time,
 Pray for rain!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here is a shot of my cucumber plants on my back steps. I went out to look at them today and thought, "What on earth has eaten my plants!!!???!?!" Hail. We had a bad storm last night with pea sized hail. It ripped through my cucumber leaves. Thankfully they seem strong enough to survive. I want some cucumbers!!

The school year is almost over!! WOOHOO!!! I have made it through a crazy year, and this has been a crazy week. I got my stitches taken out of my foot. Not too bad. I have a scar to deal with and slather Mederma on. My normal shoes still are not comfy. I tried wearing them on Monday. Do you remember Susan Summers selling the Thigh Master? I felt like I had been working the thigh master all day!! Back to my Burkenstocks. 

Finals are in full swing. This week is going a bit slow, but it is already Wednesday, so I can't complain. Tomorrow the math hall is having a potluck breakfast. I can't wait. I am going to make some scones tonight. Yummy! And we have another breakfast on Friday for a teacher that is retiring. I love food. =) In all reality I probably will miss the students even though they drive me nuts sometimes. But I got a job this summer. I am painting at the school where my husband works. It should be a good change of pace. Major bonus, I found out that I will get paid more than I expected. Not to mention that Dave and I will be carpooling, saving gas and spending a bit more time together. We found a bike trail near the school too. Exercise, here we come-again! God is good.

Garden pictures should be up soon. We got more plants and seeds in the ground this weekend. The beans plants are popping out of the ground and more should be sprouting soon. We all wore ourselves out!! Before I knew it it was 3 o'clock and we hadn't stopped for lunch. I didn't get home until 4:30. I had thought that I would just spend the morning in the garden. Time flies when you are having fun. We still have to plant okra, it likes the soil nice and hot, and a round or two of corn and beans. I will try to remember my camera next time and get some good shots. You will be amazed!!! Keep praying for rain and a good harvest. 

Things I have been meaning to write about:
-How much I love my friends and how much I need them in my life
-How the name Luscious Biscuits came to be
-Books I have been reading
-My sewing projects

I am just making note of these. When I have some time I will delve into them. So tell me, which one first?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ramble With Me A While

It has been a while since I have posted and I have a lot to post about! It has been a packed week! I have lots of food to tell you about. I was inspired last Friday to post after I made my first successful scones! I made them to have tea with a friend from out of town. They were so delicious! I made fresh whipped cream to go with them. Yummm!!! I got the recipe for the lemon ginger scones off of the Joy of Baking website. Loads of great scone recipes. The hard part is picking which one to make! Well, we enjoyed the lemon ginger scones. Dave ate his fill of them too. See....don't they look yummy?

On with my weekend. Saturday morning we awoke early. I decided to invite another friend over for breakfast. She had called the night before and told me that she was in town. We had a delightful brunch, complete with scones of course, and visited long into the afternoon. I was wiped out after all of that visiting! I actually napped on Saturday. That normally doesn't happen.

Sunday was filled with a Mother's Day gathering at my sister's. They grilled and everyone else brought the sides. It was great to see everyone. My family loves to eat together. Most everyone was there. The only thing that could have been better was if the wind was not blowing so hard. It was a great time together. We love our mothers!! Oh, after coming home, I took another nap.

Monday and Tuesday were filled with preparing for having friends over Tuesday night. Our friends David & Jennifer and Gary & Judith came over to our house for dinner before we went to see The Swell Season perform at the Cobb Energy Center. I did decide to make the southern food. All of it was a hit! Thanks for eating up guys, but leaving enough leftovers for tonight!

I thought that I would share one of the dishes with you. It is fried okra how my Momma taught me to make it. Here is the beautiful okra sliced in a bowl. It is shiny and slimy looking because I sprinkled it with water to bring out the slime. It is what the breading sticks to. I like to salt and pepper it at this stage as well. Make sure to stir it.
After letting the okra get really slimy I coat it in White Lily Cornmeal. This process can take awhile. You sprinkle on about 1/4 cup of cornmeal at a time, mixing the okra to coat it, this means that it isn't slimy any more. Hands work best for this messy task and with any luck your hands aren't too slimy either. I like to finish mine off with a bit of flour to fill in any gaps that the cornmeal leaves. 
Now you are ready for frying!! Load those babies in a pan, add some oil and turn up the heat! Okra actually takes a while to get nice and brown. Lots of stirring, patience and oil are required, but there is nothing better on a hot summers day! Here is some of the finished product. If I had had more time I would have cooked it until it was almost burnt. That is how I like it anyway.

After our belly's were full of all of the yummy food, we went to the concert. It was amazing. If you haven't heard them already check out their The Swell Season myspace page. Such passion, such beautiful music. And if you haven't seen it, watch the movie Once right away! They are the movie. I mean they act in the movie and perform some of their music. Anyway, It was a beautiful night with beautiful friends. We stayed up really late for a work night and loved every minute of it - pianos clanging, teenage girls swooning, lights blaring. Did I mention that the sound at the Cobb Energy Center was outstanding? Well it was. 

Thank you friends for a wonderful evening. We must get together more often. I love hosting. Can you tell? I am about talked out. I have more thoughts running through my head, but I will save them for another time. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sowing the Seeds..

I actually made it out into the garden yesterday. I tried really hard not to get my foot dirty, which is difficult in tilled dirt! Mom, Dad and I pulled ourselves up by our boot straps and planted some pepper plants(many varieties), tomato plants, bush beans, squash, zucchini, climbing spinach and cucumbers. I will take pictures when they start sprouting and get settled in. We still will plant some different varieties of tomatoes, okra, corn, more beans, watermelon and cantaloupe. I am so excited!! Dad, bless him, tilled up some more soil last night. After getting some plants into the ground it was obvious that we could use some more space. I think that the corn and okra will go in the lower garden. We shall see.

Speaking of vegetables, I stopped by Burger's Market today. I grew up going to this place a bit off of the beaten path(Canton Road in Marietta). Mom has brought me a few cantaloupes from there lately. They are as sweet as candy! I stopped by today to pick up some more and couldn't resist the prettiest okra, squash, potatoes and of course the cantaloupes that I went for in the first place. Oh yeah, I also got bananas, grapes, and a beautiful tomato, all for a really reasonable price. We are having some friends over on Tuesday and I had been planning on grilling dinner. Now I think it might be my favorite meal of all time- fried okra, creamed corn, some potatoes and a sliced tomato on the side. Yes, I am southern and my mouth is already watering. I hope my friends like their veggies. If not, I will cook them another time and they will be all mine!!!! ( Insert slightly evil laugh here)

P.S. More photos soon. My camera battery died and takes a while to get back up.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Temperature's Rising

The Iris are finally blooming. Spring has sprung, and so have the mosquitos. Man those little buggers bother me. If you don't know me very well, or have not been around me much in summer, you need to know that I am a mosquito's favorite place to dine. I mean it. 5 minutes outside photographing the Iris and 5 bites later I am blogging. Wait a minute, make that about 8 bites itching so far.. not to mention the 2 pesky insects that came inside with me to dine indoors. Arrgg!!! The pains of warm weather. I think that spraying time is drawing near. Side note- The only thing that makes my bites stop itching and swelling is lavender oil. Works great every time!

I am hobbling around better now. I have 7 stitches in my left foot. It still hurts and I am definitely not normal yet but on my way there. I am eager to be well and get out in the yard, despite the mosquitos. And yes, I will coat myself in the only insect repellant that works for me-something with deet.

I think I might try to make it out to the garden this week and pop some seeds into the ground. I just can't wait for our harvest and I don't want to push it out any farther. 

Oh, and I got a new haircut and color. What do you think? Blonde is back baby..... thanks Anna.

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