Monday, May 25, 2009

We've lost one

I am not sure which one, thankfully not Wuella. I am attached to her now, rooting for her like crazy! I took a peek into the incubator through the window and saw a couple of chicks piled on top of another one. I knew it was gone. She could have been trampled, or just might not have made it. Anyway, surely she is in chicken heaven , where the grass is green and having a good time. We gently and quickly removed her. Dave buried her in a special spot. Hopefully that is the only one that will go down. I guess the sad comes with the joy too. It is still worth it to see all of theses happy little peeps. I think that we will move them to the brooder tonight. I can't take them being in there tomorrow while I am at work. Granted, one could get trampled in there just as easily. God protect my chicky babies!

Stay tuned...

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Jen said...

Our butterflies hatched this weekend, all but one. I'm still hoping-and as I watch our babies over here, I'll pray for yours over there! What an exciting weekend!

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