Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Back To Life

This morning is amazing..... Well, it isn't morning anymore. Doors and windows thrown open. A breeze blows the curtains aside. The birds are chirping and the bugs are singing. We got a beautiful dark chocolatey brown shelled egg this morning. One of the little chickens followed me around this morning very "are you my mother?" style. Lleulu purred while I brushed her this morning.

I am charging the camera battery. I need to take pictures of life going on. I have been missing it. I pulled out the sewing machine today. Fabric, color, rhythm, sound. I haven't sewn in ages.

Seeds I planted in cups are sprouting. The ground calls to be tilled and sewn. Carrots, kale, collards, peas, radishes, chard and lettuce awaiting to grow.

I think maybe, just maybe, I am coming back to life. I didn't know it had been stilled so very still. But today I feel a breath of newness, of desire to create in the earth with plants and to create beautiful things with fabric. Mmmm... Life. I am breathing it in.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

And Life Goes On

Well, in case you have been wondering, I took the three remaining chickens to the poultry lab. I got the results yesterday. They had signs of Marecks and apparently had little cartiledge in their joints, or something like that. And they were all boys!! I can't keep crowing roosters, so not having to find a home for them is somewhat of a relief.

I was really sad after dropping them off. Mourning my three chicken babies. I got home and planned on a quiet evening with more of that chocolate cake and wine. Then I heard that a friend couldn't care for his chickens anymore and needed them to be house immediately. I put on my overalls, grabbed a brooder and headed out the door.

When I got to his house the pigs had been loaded and most of the chickens. I wrangled some babies out of the front yard and then loaded some hens in. I had no clue how many chickens I had in my car. Turned out there were also two rabbits that needed a home, so I loaded them into the car as well.

I dropped the bunnies off at my sister's house. They are so cute! They are white with black spots. They gave them baths and loved on them. They are so happy in their new home.

Second stop, my uncle's. He has had a lonely rooster, Rudy, for a while now. I thought he could use some company. I dropped six hens off at his house. They are so happy there! Rudy protected them right away and introduced them to the goats. Now they are a happy little farm flock.

I got to our house about dark and started unloading the rest of the chickens. I brought our rooster, Ponce, into the coop first. He knew exactly where he was!!! He walked right downstairs in the coop and got some water. Including Ponce, I added nine to our flock. One pretty red girl went to live at a friend's house. She is now named Annie.

So, we have 18 chickens now of varying ages. Everyone stopped laying eggs due to the heat and stress of blending a flock. I am waiting the eggs! Come one girls! So far everyone gets along for the most part. I might end up having to give more away, but I want to know how many roosters I have before I start getting rid of chickens. I want the girls around for their egg laying abilities.

It was a trying day. All in one day we went from 13 chickens, down to ten, then to 19!!! Of course, now we have 18, since Annie went to her new home. I mean, I had 15 chickens in my car at one time!! I think that God gave me peace to let the three sick ones go because He knew there were other chickens that needed a happy home. Here is hoping that most of the young ones are girls and good egg layers!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writing Will Help, Right?

I am sittting down to write tonight, because writing will help, right? I am anxious. I am worried. About what? Silly little feathered things- our chickens!! We have had four of the young ones fall ill lately and I am trying to decide what to do about them. The runt passed away last week. I think one of them, Iris ( named after a bearded Iris because she has a beard), has Marecks. That is what Pickle died from a year ago. It got me thinking how much
I miss that Chicken who thought she was a dog. She was an awesome chicken.

Part of me wants to take the chickens to the Georgia Poultry lab for a necropsy( chicken autopsy). They peacefully put them down and then figure out what made them sick. This could help save the rest of the flock if there is a contagion.

The other part of me wants to do everything I can to save them. I started them on a homeopathic remedy to see if there is any change. I bought them some hypericum and me some gluten free chocolate cake. Chicken Momma needs some medicine too! We'll see if there is a change. It could take days or weeks.

And yet, another part of me wants to crawl into bed with my chocolate cake and glass of wine and watch stupid teenage dramas on Netflix and forget that I have any chickens that need me to take care of them. I mean, I could do that right? They have food and water. They are good.

I don't know what I will do. I have had my cake. I have had my wine. I find myself remembering the One who is in control of it all. He knows my heart. He knows my little chickens. He knows that I am trying my best to care for them. That I love them. But more than that He knows that I love Him. He takes care of me. That is really what I am worried and anxious about, isn't it? If I made the right decision to be a Doula. To quit my job and head out into the great unknown. Wondering if we will make it. If I will have the amount of clients that I would like to have to make what I would like to make. Wondering if I can't get my chickens better, how can I care for a family with a new baby? But I can. They are different. They are separate. And yet, I have to trust God with both of them. Give both of these things over to the One who knows.

It's called surrender isn't it? Yeah. That word is hard to live. But I am trying, I am willing, willing to give my all and when there is nothing left in my all to surrender. I wish I could learn to surrender before my all is all gone. But that is how we are, isn't it? Wanting to spill ourselves out until we are empty. Thinking we can do it on our own. I can't do it on my own. I need God. I need Jesus. I need the Holy Spirit. I need grace and mercy. I need the friends that He has put in my life to uplift and encourage me, to challenge me and love me. Yeah, I am working toward surrender.

And writing does help.......

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fight to Keep Backyard Chickens Hits Close to Home

Well, the fight to keep chickens in your own backyard has finally reached my county. And you better believe that I am going to support the Pond family in this fight! I am asking you, my friends and readers to help out. Please take a minute to read the article in the MDJ. I encourage you to leave a positive comment about owning pet chickens. You have read my blog. You can go back on my blog and read again( or for the first time) about my journey into having pet chickens. I love my girls and I can't imagine not having them. We have to educate people about chickens as pets. Get ready for lots of posts about chickens coming soon!!!

Now, click below and start reading!!

East Cobb man campaigns to keep his backyard chickens
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