Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Am Still Here!!

Wow, has it been a while since I posted, or what? Things have been kind of busy around here. I got a new schedule at school and I am all over the place! The day goes by fast squeezing seven or eight classes into four blocks but the day sure does go by quickly. I like the change of pace at work. New classes for me, new teachers, new students. This semester will fly by.

I also have news! I am studying to become a post partum doula. This is a very recent decision and I am very excited about. I have a ton of books to read, some classes to attend and some Mommas and babies to spend some time with. I will go into more depth about this soon. I am so excited about this!

Right now, I am wiped out after a long day with friends, a breast feeding class(a requirement for my diula training), friends on their way over and meal planning for the week running through my head. Thanks to the teachers that I work with, Dave's lunch is packed for the week. They sent me home with a lasagna. Now to figure out dinner for the week and stick my head into some books.

I will try to catch up on here soon...... Promise!
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