Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lleulu donning her witch's hat. So Cute!

Birthday cupcake fun!


My pumpkin carving in tribute to Lleulu.

Last but not least, I baked some Black Cat Paws and Witches Fingers.
I had to find a way to make something with my favorite chocolate snickerdoodles. So, I stuck almond slivers in them for the cat claws. Then I wanted to try the witches fingers. They are chai shortbread cookies with almond fingernails. Dave says they look gross. Fantastic!!!

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kitty's got a new name

Finally some pictures for you! Here is kitty. We have changed her name to Lleulu. It is pronounced "Loo-loo". I wanted to keep Saber to remember her old owners, but I couldn't say it a billion times a day. So sticking with the "light saber" thing, Lleulu means light. I am happy with it. And apparently so is she. She is sitting in my lap while I am typing. Too cute. I am glad that she is still small! She had her second bath today and she did great! 

Our neighbor's did move and did not take Lleulu. They said that she never did use the litter box so they put her outside.I  think it was having 4 kids in the house that kept her from the litter box. She is doing just fine here.  They are glad that she has a home. Lleulu's mom died and all of her siblings. She had to have a lot of spunk to survive and she shows  it!  I'll have to try to catch her on film, I mean digital media, flying through the air.

I found an organization called Casper's Fund. They are helping to pay for Lleulu to get spayed in return for volunteer hours. Woohoo!!! After much research, I found Lifeline and that is where we are taking her to get spayed and they will give her all of her shots. The cost there, even without Caper's Fund, is much less than a regular vet. And they are so nice! FYI they also have a program to spay and neuter wild cats. I am really excited about that too!

 The full Lleulu effect when she still lived out doors. Yes, I have given in and she is an indoor kitty. 

Here are the ginormous pumpkins we tried to pick from on our way home from Helen. Can you see why I wanted to bring one home and why I had a hard time NOT shoving one in the car? I am happy with my little pie pumpkins. The pie has yet to be made.

This is a shot at Anna Ruby Falls. It was about 1 1/2 miles from our cabin in Unicoi. It was a nice little water fall. This picture makes me relax and need to pee all at the same time.

How was my birthday you ask? It was great! I have checked many things off of my list. The weekend before my birthday I went to a wedding party for some friends and that fulfilled my craving for wine and cheese. I also gave in and bought some cheese. It is my birthday month, what can I say. On my birthday one of the classes at school threw me a mini-surprise party. You haven't heard of this either? They had me called to their room, turned off the lights and yelled surprise when I walked in. They gave me an amazing birthday banner, candy bars and a balloon. Thanks Ms. Dunham's class! A little while later while I was sitting at my desk I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and saw Mandy-one of my best friends! She surprised me with flowers from her and Jessica-another best friend. Yes, I am blessed with many best friends.  I visited with Mandy for a few minutes and returned cheerily to my desk. Not 10 minutes later I was called up to the front office. That's weird. When I arrived i saw a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries and a balloon from my Hubby. Is he great or what? Chocolate covered strawberries are waaayyyy better than roses! They don't last as long, but they sure do make you smile. I shared a few, then loaded all of my booty into the car. That night we went to Buckhead Burrito. It has nothing to do with Buckhead and they have the best fish tacos and burritos. Simple. Good. The End. 

Birthday celebrations are still happening. Dinner with girlfriends this weekend and flower planting to come.

And since I can't get enough, more of Lleulu! She is still sleeping on my lap. Cute kitty. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Husband

Can I tell you how awesome my husband is? Yesterday I could not find Saber. I got pretty worried. I had no idea that I had become so attached so quickly. Turns out she was at her rightful owner's house. Oh yeah, she is their kitty. She chooses to stay around us.

When she returned, Dave decided that she needed a bath. The poor baby smelled bad and was covered in fleas. Dave filled up the tub and brought her in. He was so patient with her. She ended up getting washed twice, once with shampoo and once with flea soap. She freaked out the second time and peed on him them pooped in the tub. All the while Dave was calm and talked to her quietly. Then he sat on the porch with her wrapped in a towel and combed out all of her fleas. She purred and purred. 

We let her come inside to dry off and explore the house after she was all combed out. She was so pretty with her coat whiter than snow. She is definitely still a kitten. She ran around checking everything out and kept trying to get into our dinner plates. She rolled around on our rugs and chewed on them. Silly frisky kitty. It was lonely without her when I thought she was gone.

Dave is going to be a good daddy one day. I saw it clear as day. He was so patient and kind. Saber purred while he bathed her, combed her, and spoke to her. So cute. I love my husband.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three Years

I almost forgot, I mean didn't forget, but forgot to post that today is mine and Dave's third anniversary. Happy Anniversary Baby!!!


I think that I am obsessed with my birthday. I made a wish list on Just in case you are wondering what I have my eye on, you can find it by entering my email address. It is mostly books, bike stuff, and a couple of movies.

I also have a new obsession. A kitten has adopted us. I admit, we fed her. But how can you turn away a hungry kitty? So now I am trying to figure out how to get her shots and everything for cheap or free. Any one have ideas? She is the neighbor's cat but she hasn't left our house in days. I don't think that they could feed her. They might be moving soon too. I understand that if she is abandoned I might can get more help. Please pray for her. The neighbor kids named her Saber. I think she might be Light Saber to us. She is awfully cute. I will keep you posted and try to post pictures soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

One down....

Dave and I celebrated our third anniversary early by going to the mountains and staying at Unicoi State Park in a cottage. It was a really nice quiet weekend. As we drove through Helen on Saturday we were amazed by all of the people out for Oktoberfest Helen, Ga style, which seems to be "be as drunk and redneck as you can." We were glad to be in the park where it was nice and quiet. We cooked and watched movies on Dave's laptop. It was nice to be away from a phone, t.v. and internet for a couple of days. We also rode our bikes, hiked to Anna Ruby Falls and explored Unicoi, trying to find where Dave busted his knee many years ago. And we did. 

On our way home we stopped at a pumpkin patch. They were sold by the farmer himself and most were huge!!! We came home with 6 pumpkins. 4 pie pumpkins, and two plain ol' pretty orange ones. I really wanted a huge one. His prices were great, $12-45 for the huge ones! But we opted for more quantity over size. The pie pumpkins were just $2 a piece. You can't find that in Marietta! So, one thing checked off my list. Got the pumpkins. Who wants to share the next adventure?
I will try to post pictures of our pumpkin family soon! We have all shapes sizes and colors.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It is finally fall and truly feeling like it. I love the cool air at night and the warm afternoons. I love leaving the doors open and letting the breeze flow through. I baked bread for the first time on my own last night. It seems like perfect timing for the cooler weather. 
October is a favorite month of mine for another reason too. It is my birthday month! I have decided to have some small gatherings so that I can actually visit with friends and enjoy their company. Want to join me? Here are some things that I would like to do.

1-Go play Monster Golf
2-Have tea and little treats on a leisurely afternoon
3-Wine and cheese night?
4-have a picnic
5- have a Lisa Samson book Birthday(I love her books!)
6-find a place to pick your own pumpkins, for real
7-set up some places for birds and hummingbirds so that I can watch them from my windows
8-plant some violas

Ok, I am serious. If you want to share with me in any of these things, and have a date and time available, let me know. I have been missing my girl time and this is a great way to get some in. At least I think so! 
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