Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One down

Upon candling my eggs for the last time I discovered one that I had either misread or missed. It definitely didn't have a baby chick growing. We are down to 17 eggs now. I couldn't see much this time. The eggs are mostly dark, but the air pockets look good. I hope this is a good indication! I could only see a little chick in one or two eggs, the others were too dark. It still amazes me to see those tiny beings moving around and blood vessels pumping inside of an egg!

Oh, I just looked out the window to see a Cardinal feeding it's baby. I knew that I had heard tiny peeps lately. Oh, maybe it was feeding it's mate! Is love in the air? Either way, I love spring time! Soon I will be watching my little chicks eat up. Can't wait. I do hope that they hatch!

Stay tuned... 

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Joy said...

My mom cried yesterday because the last little baby woodpecker left the nest that was right by their deck. She spent hours every day watching them feed the babies and we were all upset when we discovered one had fallen out of the tree. Now they're all gone and she misses them! I hope your babies are all born happy and healthy!

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