Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Morphine?

Mom has been joking today as she hits her morphine pump button that she is eating her turkey. She's still got it. Poor mom. That is about all she'll get today. She says that it is amazing how good ice can taste, or a sip of water. She still has her tube in and will until her stomach and small intestine wake up. The doctor said that it could take a while and to expect to be in the hospital for one more week. Mom is dozing in between morphine hits and ice chips. 

Good news though. She is no longer sick enough to be in the CCU. Yay! And sad. Her nurses want her up here. They like her. Mom tends to have that affect on people. Sometime today she will move down to the short stay floor. And in a hour or so, they want mom to try sitting in a chair. Big move!

I have been watching the parade. It is muted. I wonder if the big balloons look funny when you are high on morphine? Three doctors have been in so far. All say she looks good. The vascular surgeon is going to make me an appointment to check my splenic artery since we are talking about babies in a couple of years or so. That is nice of him. I like him and the other doctors in that practice.

Mom says, "Oh, yeah!" every time I put a cold washcloth on her head. She also just asked about the chicken. I guess that she is dreaming about Thanksgiving. The morphine must be working. 

Thanks for all of the prayers. I know that God has been with us and Mom. I slept hard last night for the first time in a long time. I will post again in a while. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

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