Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 9 part 2

I made it to the hospital. mom has slept some today. Probably the first real sleep that she has had. She can saw some logs! She is pretty pitiful. It is harder now that she is more aware. She sis get some chloroseptic and some sucrets. That seems to help her throat out a lot. She has had a few doctors come by today and every one agrees that she is doing great. She doesn't think so. I remind her that we are lucky and blessed that she is here. That might not have been the case if she hadn't been in the hospital. 

We are all getting tired. How do people without family do this? We have all taken turns being up here and there still aren't enough people! I guess big families are a blessing. Mom does seem to rest better knowing that someone is here with her. I can't blame her. I would be the same way. Hopefully we only have to make trips to the hospital for a few more days. I bought a weekly pass. That was a good idea and a fist for me! One of her doctors today sounded hopeful that Mom might get to go home Wednesday.  Then a whole new era begins. Maybe she will be amazingly better. I hope so.

So, the saga continues. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement. I am realizing how much I need my friends. And food=) I love you gals.

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