Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mommy Update #1

Ok, so when I went to the ICU last night my mom looked better. Probably the fact that they got a ton of pee out of her and she was passing gas made a big difference. Funny what we take for granted about our bodies. She also felt like the doctors were really listening to her and doing a good job. They also got her another unit of blood. A CT scan found that she has some internal bleeding, but they do not no where from, only that it is on her left side which is not where her gallbladder surgery was. Her blood count has held over night which is great. It still is not normal, though. The doctors will decide today if they open her up for a look inside. They are hoping that it would heal itself and she would have some time to reabsorb the blood so they could find the tear or whatever it is. She probably tore something Tuesday night during a violent episode of vomiting, after which she ended up in the ER. People, our bodies can do crazy things!

Thank you for your prayers. Hopefully things are turning toward healing. Keep praying. It is hard to see a woman who almost never sits down or stops laying quietly in bed. We are trying to take turns at the hospital. I will be heading up there soon. I hope to keep the blog up to date.

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Jennifer said...

Good to hear the night went better. We'll keep praying for more good news. We all need some good news lately, don't we!

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