Thursday, November 27, 2008

Short Stay

How long is a short stay? Mom is back on the short stay floor. Hooray! The nurses are glad to have her back down here. She is all settled in. She sat up for the first time in a chair and did great! Hopefully she will rest now. She should be worn out. Everyone says that she will get better quickly, you know moving around and all of that. I sure hope so.

Some one from the family should be coming up here soon. Then Dave and I will get to go eat Thanksgiving dinner. Yay! I am getting hungry. Maybe tonight we will go to the old tradition of watching the lighting of the tree on tv. Maybe I will get out some Christmas decorations soon. That always brings cheer.

Tomorrow Mom's new countertops go in. I hope that the kitchen will be finished, new appliances and all by the time she gets home. That would be awesome, and nice to come home to. Dave gets to help with all of that. Thanks baby! Maybe I will do some online shopping. Maybe there will be some good deals. 

We will need food this weekend. Anyone interested? I can't believe that I go back to work on Monday. I haven't figured it out yet. We will see how mom is doing. 

I probably won't post for a bit. At least until tomorrow. Things are stable for now. Praise God!

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~heather said...

kara, i am so happy.
and i so wish that i would be in town this weekend so i could provide a meal for you guys.
i love cooking for others.
i hope someone is able to provide for you.
much love...

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