Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall is in the air....

I love it! This weather makes me want to get out in the yard and work my tail off. I think that is exactly what I am going to do today, too. My violas really need to get in the ground and I need them there! My house is looking naked. I mean, it could be that we have no siding on the front of the house at the moment, but a little bit of color in the ground can work wonders.

This has been a long week. Lleulu got spayed on Monday. I was a nervous wreck! Thanks for hanging out with me while I waited Meghan. It made the day go by wonderfully. A day spent with an old friend is always a pleasant one. I picked Lleulu up in the evening and headed home. She did wonderfully, except for growling at me when we actually got home. Poor kitty. She is back to her normal self now, running and playing, and don't forget growing! Sheesh! The vet thinks that she is around 6 months old. She has caught up to that size too. Such a pretty kitty.

The rest of the week flew by with voting lines, ignorant students, reading eclipse, digging up monkey grass, going to bed early and the last FCA tailgate party of the year. The party was a huge success. We combined efforts with 3 churches, one other FCA and regional FCA. It was great to see so many students out on a rainy Friday night. There was always 25 people there. It had to swell to 50 once or twice. The FCA pimped out Jeep was there, music, TONS of food, and lots of parents. It was such a blessing to have parents encourage us in what we do with the kids. It was also very cool to see youth pastors working together, planing stuff for the future. They shared food, supplies, and made some great connections. This is what I was hoping for for FCA this year-- for community to happen. Woohoo! Thank you God. It makes the hard days at school worth it. 

I am off to try to get some violas in the ground after I dig up more monkey grass and work on the bed. I'll try to take some picks soon. Happy Weekend!

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Meghan said...

It was SO wonderful to have you here to hang out with!

Anytime, friend, anytime.

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