Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mommy Update #3

So I have been at the hospital for a while. Mom looks ok. She is very tired and very weak. She needs help eating because it takes energy to feed yourself. Not that she has eaten much, only one half of a tiny italian ice and 2 crackers. Her blood count dropped a bit. Her breathing is super shallow. Her blood pressure dropped after she got all of her meds. The nurse wasn't concerned at the time. She still seems a long way from going home. This might be a long Thanksgiving break, and quite a bit different than I was expecting. At least I have the week off. She'll be in CCU at least one more day, but that doesn't mean going home. She is not close to that. 

Thank you all for praying. It is hard to see all of the families suffering around us and so close to the holidays. Keep all of those suffering in your prayers too!

We have friends bringing food tomorrow and a church potluck we might go to tonight. It is hard to think of food when I love to cook and I would love to be nowhere more than in the kitchen cooking! 

I'll keep you posted.

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