Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 9

Mom has been in the hospital for nine days now. As she is less drugged and more aware it is bothering her more. I mean, when you are practically begging for a sip of water, life kinda sucks. She still had the tube and might for a couple for days. 

I stayed home yesterday. I slept in, did some laundry ran an errand or two and rested. I wanted to be at the hospital, but I knew that people were up there taking good care of her. Dave helped dad wok on their kitchen. They had new counter tops put in. Dave was helping put in the new appliances. It looks great so far. I will make my way up to the hospital today once I get going. We slept in to the sound of rain this morning. It was quite fantastic, minus the crazy dreams.

I did get out a few Christmas decorations. I love our Christmas stuff. There are such great memories in all of it. Mom should be doing great by Christmas. We'll have to do the big meal all over again so that she can be there and eat it. I hope that your Thanksgivings were full of family friends and wonderful memories. I would love to hear what you did. Let me know!

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~heather said...

i have really appreciated your updates since you are all in my prayers.
i wish i could feed you this weekend.
we're still in st augustine.
i can feed you monday if you need it, though!

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