Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Week Away: Part 3 The USS Cod

We had a little bit of time to do some sight seeing while in Cleveland. We thought that we would go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, or maybe a baseball game. Instead, we ended up at the USS Cod, a US Navy Submarine. It was so cool and well worth the low admission cost. The engines still run and it is a hands on museum. Here is a fraction of our photos.

That's me in the dining hall.

Dave on his way down below.

Shiny missile launchers.

The sub was full of cool gauges and knobs. A small sampling is below.

The boys taking a rest. I can't imagine living in those quarters!

An emblem on the sub of a missile going through a skull. This may have actually been painted on a missile.

Dave and Dan manning the guns.

My turn to take a peek.

I'm on a boat! Oh wait, a sub!

We highly recommend a visit to the USS Cod if you are ever in Cleveland. It is really cool to see and touch so much stuff and get a little view of a slice of history. We will definitely be going when we visit Cleveland again. Next up- the Greek wedding festivities begin!


Jennifer said...

What a trip for the dudes! Did you like it? I think I would have been into it for about 10 minutes then over it.

Kara said...

Yes Jennifer, I did have a good time. It was a neat piece of history. Of course I would have loved to visit the botanical gardens as well, but we have to save something to do to make us go back right?

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