Friday, July 17, 2009

2 weeks...

My summer is over in two weeks. Where did it go? I haven't accomplished half of the things that I had hoped to this summer. Things that really I can to anytime, summer just seemed like a good time to do them.

We did a bit of travel to see family and friends. I enjoyed it very much. It does seem like every time that we go away I am relieved to get back home. I am learning more and more about myself. Most of it that I love to be home. I do want my career to be a homemaker, so I guess that makes sense.

I have raised my chickens successfully so far. We have 10 and are still trying to figure out our rooster situation. I do believe that half are boys. Golly gee! The coop is very close to being finished. Hopefully this weekend's forecasted cooler weather will help us accomplish the last bits and pieces. Then you will see pictures of it. Dave has made me hold off on my photos. He wants you all to be surprised.

I have spent some good time with great friends having tea, painting with them, studying God's word and simply hanging out. I love my friends. They lift me up and encourage me. Most have known me for so long that they are like cool water to my soul. My new friends have been a true blessing too. My friendships are so rich. I am very blessed. I only wish that I had more time to spend with you all this summer.

I applied for my dream job this summer and didn't get it. The drive was far but the job sounded perfect for me. I am trusting God in it all. I am a bit disappointed. It would have melded my plant knowledge, chicken passion and working with kids. I am going to figure out how I can meld them all around here. Some teachers at my school are wanting to hatch chickens this year. I am very excited to help them. And believe it or not, I am looking forward to seeing some of my students. I am ready to get back into the normal routine, get a bit more out of myself and am going to try to truly enjoy every minute of it.

On another note, have I mentioned that my chickens are really smart and really dumb sometimes? One day this week I was watching them out the back door. Trace had managed to get himself on the other side of their temporary run. (I had opened it so that they could get out.) Everyone else was watching him and running from one side to the other trying to figure out how he had gotten over there. The opening was behind them. Then yesterday I thought that I had lost them all. I could not find them anywhere. Where could they be? I called Dave out frantically looking for them. They were all huddled inside of the Mahonia bush. I could not see them or hear them. They came out for him. Whew. They scared me to death. I am very glad that they have a good and safe hiding place from predators. But don't scare your mom like that!

Alright I have to go let the girls out. Thanks for listening to my thoughts today. I know that it was a mishmash of things. I will have more chicken pictures up tomorrow. I am going to enjoy the rest of my summer. Come on over and hang out with me....

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Joy said...

This summer wizzed by. It has felt like a whirlwind for us too. I'm ready for school to start too! I know that for me as a homeschooler, it doesn't mean that my kids are going to be out of my hair - but it does mean a lot more structure, which I need!

Wish I could take a rooster off your hands - we could probably use one to wake us up!

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