Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Week Away: Part 1

We recently were away for whole week! We never go away for a whole week. I thought that I should give you a glimpse of our time away.

Our first stop was in North Carolina. We spent the night with Dave's sister Katherine and her family. We also celebrated Karen's birthday. She is my mother-in-law. Here is a shot of Karen Dave and our niece Olivia.

Katherine was the first person that I knew to own chickens. Here is her current brood. Aren't they pretty?

The necklace fairy (aka Auntie Kara) left Olivia some necklaces overnight. She liked to call them balls. I guess that technically she is right. Here she is showing them off.

We can't leave out baby Walter. Remember how tiny he was? Not anymore. Here is the little chunkster. What a cutie!

I couldn't resist a shot of him crying. He doesn't cry often, but even his crying is cute. What a sweet little guy.

We left North Carolina and headed for Pittsburgh. It was a long drive to spend the night with friends. We stayed up late into the night catching up. Their boys woke us up, we got ready and headed out on the town. We were so tired and busy that I forgot to take pictures.

After lunch we headed to Cleveland. Stay tuned...

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