Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Week Away: Part 2 Now Entering Cleveland

When we found out that we were going to Cleveland for Dave's cousin's wedding I asked for suggestions from friends on what we should do and where to go. One of the suggestions that I got was to eat at Melt. We decided to check it out.

Here we are after eating. Check out our to go boxes.

These were our appetizers-perogies. Did I spell that right? They were delicious! I am glad that we got an appetizer too! It was a wait for our food. We had already waited a half hour to be seated. Anyway, our appetizer held us over.

Then our food came. Holy Moly! Look at the size of these sandwiches! The wait was worth it.
This is cousin Dan's choice. I think that it has ham and pepperoni, maybe a bit of pastrami thrown in for good measure. The picture only shows half of the sandwich!

Here's my half eaten chipotle barbecue sandwich. It was delicious. The fries were truly amazing!

Dave got the walleye sandwich. It was huge. Here is a mere half of it.

Thanks Hank and Marissa for the suggestion to eat at Melt. If you are in Cleveland you need to stop here! Supposedly they are going to be on the Food Network soon. Keep your eyes open! Oh how our bellies were full! It didn't stop us from our afternoon plans... stay tuned!

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