Friday, July 3, 2009

The Move Begins

The chicky babies aren't babies anymore. They are full blown teenagers! We went to Ohio for a week and came back to chickens with full feathers and personalities to boot! We lost one while we were gone. Gertrude was lost to a snake. The snake didn't make it however. Thanks Sharon for watching my babies!

When we brought them home we moved them into the backyard during the day and indoors by night. This is still our routine.

Here they are exploring the yard.

This is their temporary setup. It seems to be working pretty well. They love to hang out by the tree trunk, my little tree huggers.

Here they are eating.

Down on their level.

And the beginnings of the coop. Dave has brought it a long way. It is going to be a chicken mansion. They will be so happy!

I'll have more to post soon. We are working on the coop all weekend. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

~heather said...

oh so fun!!
i am totally jealous.
i really want chickens one day.
i have this cute image in my head of telling the kids to go gather the eggs.

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