Monday, July 27, 2009

My Boys

I thought that I should introduce you to two of my boys.
First meet Trace. He is a handsome fella.

And here is Elroy. He really has grown a lot!

These boys have to find new homes. I hate to give them away. I know that I can't keep roosters, so I am starting the process of finding them a new forever family. Cheesy, I know!

I even fed them some of my delicious creamed corn. That is what is in the white bowl. They only got some because it started to spoil. They seem to love slightly spoiled food.

We love the boys and really enjoy watching them strut their stuff. I will try to keep you posted on the outcome!


Emily said...

With a name like Elroy, he was bound to be a boy. I am just hoping Zena is a girl.

Anonymous said...

I knew the chickenmama was must going to have purty cute guys.I am all roostered out for now and still fighting with the city. I will make some calls and see what I can do.

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