Monday, December 15, 2008

It's the Final Countdown... well almost

It is the Christmas break countdown anyway. Four and a half days until Christmas break. Woohoo!!! Wow, the time has flown by and I don't have Christmas presents made. Jams and jellies might have to do.

I did go to the the doctor and I have a virus. Yuck. I left the house once in three days this weekend. I stayed home from work on Friday. All I did was watch movies and do laundry. I am still a bit stuffy and sore, just my ribcage though. Very annoying.

Randomness for today, do any of you have wish lists on I am a bit obsessed with mine. Now I know that I won't ever get everything on this list, but it is a good idea of some things that I want, mostly "guilty pleasures"; movies, books, tv shows, a kitchen tool or two. I wonder what you have on your lists. How can I find your list? Mine is listed by my email address. Ask if you want to know mine. 

Oh, and Mom is doing great. She is going to have to learn to pace herself and not overdo it, but she has come leaps and bounds the past few days. Of course I stayed away so I wouldn't get her sick. 

Back to the land of math I go. I hope to hear about your wish lists!


Julie said...

I really like the new background.

Feel better!

Candace Smartt said...

hey girlie - can you give me the name of your dentist?

Susie said...

Hey Kara-I didn't know if you saw the comment I left you on my blog so I thought I would leave one here too! I forgot you know that pest management so well so thanks for identifying that lovely brown glob for me.

I'm really glad your mom is doing well. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas!


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