Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Garden Update

The garden is growing splendidly! Here are a few pictures for you. I know you have been dying to see some!

From top left: A crazy looking marigold, beans blooming, a perfect looking cucumber, and tomatoes waiting to turn
Sugar snap peas. I love these things. I only wish that more grew on a vine. These are all gone. They don't do well in the heat. I will plant more in the fall.

The first mess of bush beans this year. They are Roma. I always wish that I had planted more!

Juliette tomaotes. The first blush.

Figs starting to swell.

What's growing on your garden?

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Lynn said...

I am growing tomatoes mostly, the cucumbers have not turned out well in our planter box. In my other planter box I have some zinnia flowers, a couple of jalapeno plants and green pepper. The zinnia and grape tomatoes are my most favorite.

Our transplants from your yard are still doing well. I love, love, love the rose of sharon. It's simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing a piece of your world with us, I am most grateful. Oh, and Jakob still has his t-shirt quilt on his bed. :-)

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