Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Here is am update that I sent some friends. Yet another mass email.... Thanks for all of your prayers. The surgery went well. The staff was amazing and I felt quite at ease beforehand and afterward. Turns out that I have severe endometriosis. My doctor was very surprised. She removed a large cyst from my left ovary, took a good look around my abdominal cavity, and possibly removed a little bit from other areas. I woke up well from surgery and had a great day afterwards- except being a bit disturbed by the appearance of my belly button. The doctor wants to treat this aggressively. Not quite sure what that means- medication, more surgery? She was very conservative in what she removed. We have an appointment with her this coming Friday. Yesterday was scary. I started coughing a lot, which isn't unusual after undergoing anesthesia. My throat felt rough though. I even made Dave look at it. Shortly after that my left eye was bothering me. Again, not unusual for me. My eyes bother me all of the time. Dave settled me down for a nap, I hadn't slept much all night. A few minutes later I noticed my eye felt large and I couldn't open it all of the way. I pulled out my phone and examined my eye with the camera. I immediately texted Dave that my eye was swelling- I could only get out a whisper. He called the doctor. As he turned to leave the room I felt my lip swelling. I knocked on the bedside table to get his attention. He went into action calling 911. Not seconds later hives erupted all over my body appearing like blisters, starting on my arms and quickly moving to my legs.I got scared fast. Our friend Sheila arrived around then to drop off some food. She waited for the paramedics. They asked me a million questions, got me to the stretcher, into the ambulance and started working. Epi pen, IV- Benadryl, steroids and oxygen administered. Praise the Lord I could breathe easier. By the time we reached Kennestone the hives were starting to lessen. The pressure around my eye felt better. I got some morphine, anti- nausea Meds and ice chips. I have never been so happy to be at a hospital! The nurse said that I had a really bad reaction. I thought so, but the paramedics were so calm. We think it was the OxyContin. While at the hospital they tried me out on another medicine to make sure I had no reaction. Relief! So, now I have an epi pen at hand, a round of steroids and Pepcid to complete along with a new allergy that needs to be confirmed, due to the severity. Thank you to those who were in touch and praying. Dave's wisdom in quickly calling 911 may have saved my life. I gave him a good scare. I actually have slept some since we got home. Lots of family stopped by. I feel much better! Still sore and bruised from surgery.  A tiny bit itchy, but i probably just need a shower! I will be taking it easy this week!! Not going to push it after what I went through the past 48 hours. This week will be spent watching tv and reading. Poor Dave is exhausted and took an extra day off of work to be home with me. Sorry for the long email. I thought it the easiest way to update all of you. Again, thank you for your prayers friends. You all keep me going. Oh, and my favorite 97 year old passed away yesterday. My old neighbor. She was been waiting a long time to be taken away. So glad that her suffering has ended. We'll miss her. Pray for her family, will you? Her passing leaves a big hole in all of our hearts. Thanks friends. Kara And for the sake of drama, let's try to get a picture of my eye up here..... Sometime soon.

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Emily said...

I am so thankful you are ok. WE have been praying for you.

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