Sunday, July 1, 2012


For the past couple of months I have been cleaning the house on a schedule. I wasn't sure how I would like it. To be honest, I felt a little bit like Cinderella. But, truth be told, the hubby and I both function better when the house is clean. It frees us up to go out without guilt, have friends over at the last minute, and rest better. I have tweaked the schedule a couple of times. It goes something like this:

Monday: Pay bills, do laundry, water plants
Tuesday: Dust living room and dining room, wash throw rugs, sweep and mop floors
Wednesday: Clean the bedroom, wash and change sheets, water plants
Thursday: Clean the bathroom, wash towels and bathmats
Friday: Deep clean the kitchen, water plants
Saturday: Outdoor chores, gardening
Sunday: REST

This has worked out well. Granted, our house is small. We have no children. We do have a furry pet which requires a lot of hair removal from all over the house. It isn't overwhelming when broken down like this and I find that if I have plans or something comes up, that I can get ahead of myself pretty easily. Of course there are everyday chores like dishes and taking out the trash. There are also things that aren't done every week like cleaning the refrigerator, washing the shower curtain, and dusting all of our many shelves. It is easy to squeeze in one of these on a day when I am not tired and find the motivation, usually one a week. 

I have found some great cleaning tools and cleaning solutions that are helping me get all of this done. I am all about some tools that make the mundane more fun and easy! I will share some of these soon.

I am wondering though, do any of you clean on a schedule? What has helped you keep things clean and not feel overwhelmed? Do share!

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Natalie said...

Im considering setting up something similar. Having a "cleaning day" can get overwhelming and it is rather easy to get side tracked fall behind (as I often do).

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