Friday, January 21, 2011

The Woodstove

My friend Jen told me that I never put up a picture of the wood stove once it was completed. I left you with  the hole in the ceiling barely covered up. Sorry about that. I talk about it all of the time and forgot to share! Oh, I just looked it up and found that I did post a picture.

Here are a couple more just in case you wanted to see it again:

I LOVE my wood stove. I am spoiled by the heat that it puts out and the heat that it retains. It is so much better than a fireplace in that respect. The concrete slab that we built it on absorbs heat and then after the fire has gone out slowly releases it just like rocks in the sun. Of course the wood stove itself holds in heat too. I hope that one day, when we build our own place in the country, we can have a couple of these to heat the majority of the house. I do love it that much!

So far our bills have been much lower by using the wood stove for heat. We have been fortunate to get our firewood for free. But calculating the costs for firewood, we would still come out on top using the wood stove. I think it was a great investment.

What I would change: in the future we would get a front loading wood stove. Ours loads from the side which can be a pain when a fire doesn't want to light. This also makes it difficult to clean the ashes out.

As far as cooking on the wood stove, I haven't. It isn't a true stove. We do keep a pot of water on the top to keep some moisture in the air. I suppose I could cook a pot of beans or a slow, not so simmering soup. If we lost power I could definitely heat something up!

How are you staying warm this winter?

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meemsnyc said...

Oooh, I just wrote about my in-laws wood stove.

I really want one installed in my house but our insurance agent says that our house insurance will go up significantly if we install one. My husband isn't convinced yet, but I do like the idea of having one. The size you have would be perfect in our 1200 sf house.

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