Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Snow Pictures

I thought that I would add some pictures of our snow and ice to the others out on the internet. We have missed two days of school so far. We did get about 6" of snow and then it iced over. The ice is what keeps things closed down.  I don't doubt it if we are shut down for another day as things have thawed today and then will refreeze tonight. 

Anyway, the views have been stunning....
The front yard looking across the street shortly after Dave left for work.

The backyard and chicken palace

The chickens were plenty warm.  Loved the icicles on the coop!

The hill where I used to sled. No sledding for me this day. Just a cold walk!

After much hesitation, Edith decides to venture out.

Edith, Daisy and Lydia doing a little bit of ice crunching. They were really unsure and had a hard time getting their footing on the ice.

Atta Girl tagging along behind.

My buddy by the fire, Lleulu.

I am still curled up by the fire, enjoying the views! Happy wintertime!


Emily said...

and a happy wintertime to you too! we spent snow day #1 sledding and drinking hot chocolate, day #2 playing inside and enjoying the view, day #3 ?? We will see, hope you enjoy your time off.

Jen @ Making Messes said...

I love your backyard chicken palace! The icicles are a familiar site for me. Our icicles that are hanging from our house are seriously 3 ft long! Weapons.

Stay warm!

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