Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Summertime...

It's Summertime....... (sung by The Flaming Lips) Oh yes, indeed. School is out. No more students dirty looks! I am SO excited. This is the first summer break that I am going to have a break! What are my plans? you ask. Relaxation, vacation, and catching up.

I can't wait to sleep in. That means 7am to me. It is much later than 5am. We are going to Savannah to visit some friends and relax this weekend. I am so excited! We always have a good time down there.

I have checked out tons of books from the library on whole foods cooking, raw recipes and a gluten free diet. I have so many recipes that I want to try. Soon I will have the time. Flax seed crackers, gluten-free cupcakes and sprouted seeds and beans, I am quite enthusiastic about trying you.

On Tuesdays I am leading a graduating senior girls book club/ Bible study at my house. Bible study sounded too daunting for them. I am so excited about this!! A chance to finally go deeper in God with some students. I have been waiting three long years. They graduated Saturday. So crazy. Such a big day for them now. I wonder how big it will seem in ten years. Hopefully we'll still be in touch so that I can find out!

Oh, and with all of my lack of energy, I hope to have enough to do some projects around the house. You know, repaint a room or two, tidy up in the yard, plant a tree, work in the garden. I will have time to do these things, I just need the energy to go along with it. Come on energy!

I also want to visit some friends that I don't often see. It has been so long since I have had time for road trips to see my bestest girlfriends that have moved away. I am going to see what I can fit in. Look out road!I might be driving down you.

And on any given day, you might find me with a book or by my sister's pool basking in the sun. Hooray for summertime!!


Jo said...

YAY! I hope you enjoy your summer, Kara. I think about you ALL THE TIME now and wonder how you're managing with your new way of eating. I'm so proud of you... I know this is hard. I hope it pays off quickly. I wish I could go see your doctor and see what he'd say for me.

If you can make a trip to Chapel Hill this summer, we'd love to have you! <3

Kara said...

Jo, you know that you are on my list to try and see! And pick up the phone and call me! Wait, I can pick up the phone and call you too...

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