Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Have I mentioned that changing everything about how you eat is hard? The pantry shelves have been cleaned out. So has the refrigerator and my baking containers. Flour is out, beans are in. Rice, buckwheat and lentils sure do look nice on the shelf! But it is a lot of work. There is not much besides a salad that comes together quickly!

Not only do I have to cook all of the time, but there really aren't many good options for eating out. I am doing my research, believe me! And parties or get togethers~ very difficult places to be. Sugar, corn and wheat are everywhere!! I am learning to pack things or bring things for myself. It is an adjustment. Some advice for folks who don't have food issues: when you do throw a shin dig or have a get together always have a veggie tray and fruit tray. It isn't much work, it is good for you and people will eat it!

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned that my body feels like it has been put through the ringer? I have been terribly exhausted. Detoxing the body is hard work on itself. I have had small spurts of energy, but I can't wait for some sustained energy. In the detox process my skin is freaking out. I think that I have broken out all over my face, scalp, neck, arms, back and now hands and legs. Good grief!! It can be incredibly itchy and quite unattractive, God help me. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly. I guess I should be thankful that my breaking out just looks like a rash of tiny blisters and not big ugly things.

I know that this will be worth it. I am hanging in there. Any other people who have suffered through and made it have words of encouragement? I could use some.


Joy said...

Having a stash of Larabars on hand will save your life! I just ate one - dates, pecans, almonds - nothing else on the list of ingredients, yet it tasted like pecan pie! Gotta love that!

You will find things here and there that will amaze you and enlighten you and you will start buying things in a new way. In a month from now, it will feel much easier. I always have pre-cooked beluga lentils from TJ's on hand. I always have potatoes, sweet potatoes and frozen fruit on hand. Larabar is a new staple too. Not cheap at $1.50 each, but not bad either considering how much nutrition is packed into each one!

Jennifer said...

A woman I know went through a detox very much like the one you're going through and she suffered from the rash as well. I don't know how long it lasted though. Wish I could be of more help.

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