Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am making some changes in my life. They are life altering and kind of scary. Don't worry, it only deals with food!

Some of you know but some of you don't know the story of why I am making these changes. My whole life I have had one illness, affliction or something stressing my physical health. I was a miracle baby that the Doctor said shouldn't be here. I am so glad that Mom and Dad took the risk to have me! Anyway, that being said, I have had a long road with many doctors. The last decade or so has been pretty uneventful health wise. I has been a nice break, but I have never taken my health for granted.

The past few months have been rough. It started out with nausea. No, I am not, nor was I pregnant. I could manage through the day and could eat fine. But it was annoying. A month or two into it, fatigue set in and refused to leave. My doctors ran a jillion tests. Everything came back saying that all was in good working order.

Well, after a couple of days of debilitating fatigue I found another doctor. Within five minutes of looking at me he told me that my adrenal glands are shot. I had suspected this, but no other doctor was willing to go there. I asked him if we should run any tests. He said that would cost a lot of money and would only tell him what he already knows. Did I mention that he is an M.D. that also studied Chinese medicine? I am so glad to have someone on this road with me! He said I have probably had adrenal issues my whole life. Wow! And I have other issues going on, but we start with the adrenals.

So, what do we do about it? He gave me some homeopathic remedies, a list of stretches/movements to do, an order to do NO exercise and a strict diet. And I mean strict! No gluten, corn, sugar, yeast, table salt, soda, brown rice, no tap water, tea, coffee, alcohol and limited other things. So, I started this diet last week and am seeing results already. Swelling, which I have always had in my extremities, is going down. I ate some foods on my "naughty" list the other day to say my goodbyes. My histamines were of control! You would have thought that I walked through a pollen storm. Not to mention that my favorite "do not eat" foods don't taste like favorites should anymore. It is so strange, but it will help me stay my course.

Here is a list of what I am eating a lot of right now. You could call it an elimination diet:
Basmati or Jasmine rice
sugar snap peas
raw walnuts
raw sunflower seeds
raw almonds
raw pumpkin seeds
poached eggs

Like I said, limited. It does have plenty of variety. Thank God that I have free range chickens so that I have free range eggs. I can not eat store bought eggs poached. No way! Free range are a totally different experience. Thank you chickens.

Ok, I am sure that I have bored you enough. I just wanted to let you know what is going around here. I will probably be posting a bit more frequently about food. I will have to be doing all of my cooking. Eating out really isn't an option. I might find some pretty cool products and recipes along the way or places where I can eat, other than my kitchen! Oh, and I will try to post on why some of these foods have been eliminated or are allowed or encouraged.

Thanks for taking this journey with me!! I am hoping for great results. Like a Kara full of energy in a year or so. I can't even imagine it!! And so the great experiment begins...


Jen Gordon said...

So glad you have an answer to this. I know you've struggled for a long time. Really hoping you regain energy.

KALE CHIPS! They are GOOD. I buy kale like a crazy woman now.

I do shepherd on a kinda, sorta gluten free diet. Works well for his asthma and allergies.

Joy said...

Yay! I'm glad you're seeing results so soon. We are totally committed to the gluten free diet now. I'm even taking foods with us to the place we're staying in Athens for the wedding b/c I can't have any mess-ups. It's funny, but I tend to gravitate towards a lot of the stuff on your list, especially the raw nuts. I eat them all the time. I am glad that I can still have coffee, wine and sugar though! However, if my energy levels ever plummet like they have before, I will probably grab your list as a guide and fix myself!

Jacoline said...

Thanks for sharing; hope it will bring you all the results you need!

Keep sharing, girl!

Meghan said...

Trying to catch up on my blog reading!

I need to see your doctor.

May I have his contact info?

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