Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, you might be wondering how my new healthy eating plan is going. I was scolded for calling it a diet. I only use the word diet to refer to all of the food that I eat. I think that it is going well. This, however, was my second clue. The other morning I wanted this for breakfast.
 This would be a poached egg with sauteed bok choy and rice. 

I know that this sounds odd, but is actually a pretty common breakfast in many parts of the world. I thought that I was crazy for wanting this at first, but it was SO satisfying. I just needed to think outside of the box. Why do we limit ourselves foods that we are used to for breakfast? I think that we are just conditioned that way. 

I encourage you~think outside of your food box! That could be literally!

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Joy said...

We eat a lot of smoothies for breakfast around here and that gives us endless variety and it's fast! And my kids keep begging for baked sweet potatoes for breakfast too - that was a huge hit. You might ask Jennifer for some Guatemalan breakfast ideas, I think they eat a lot of beans!

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