Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have Been Thinking

I have been thinking about Mrs. Williams a lot lately. She is my now 95(?) year old former neighbor. She moved in with her daughter last fall after she fell and broke her arm. I talk to her every now and then on the phone. She doesn't really like talking on the phone. Her congestive heart failure makes it difficult to catch a breath sometimes. I also do my best to remember to drop a card in the mail to her every so often. I know that it means the world to her. 

I spoke with her this last week. I had called to ask her daughter something about the house and ended the conversation talking to Mrs. Williams. Oh, how I miss her. I know that she misses us too. She asked about the chickens, the yard, the house, Lleulu and my mom and dad. She seems to be doing well there. Thank you God. 

Her great grandson never did move in next door. That leaves us to take care of the yard again this summer and it is almost grass cutting season. But right now, spring has sprung. Her forsythia has bloomed it's little heart out. The flowering quince is beautiful and her daffodil bed which my momma planted many moons ago is a sight to behold. This is when I miss Mrs. Williams so. She loves to work outside in the yard. And she loves when everything is in bloom. I know that she is missing her house.

Her other daughter has decided to renovate the house and move in. The renovation has begun. I am kind of nervous again about someone else living there. Mrs. Williams oldest daughter is nothing like her. We'll see how this goes!!

I printed out the above picture of us this week so that I can hang it in our house and send one to her. She is so dear to my heart. Hopefully this summer I can make the trip to Mobile to go visit her. It will be a blessing to sit and rock with her again. To speak of the Lord and the good things that He has done. To see her Bible open on the table beside her. To enjoy silent moments together. I can hardly wait! 

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