Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Tonight I sit here with mixed emotions. Ok, mostly sad. I have been waiting to address it, but tonight is the night. I have spoken of my 94 year old neighbor on here many times before. I love her with all of my heart. She has been there my whole life. She saw my Momma's belly swollen with me, my first steps, scraped knees, and waved across the fence to me on my wedding day. We often sat and rocked and talked about food, the neighborhood and what God was up to. Her bible was always open- always. She is the most amazing prayer warrior that I know. If you need prayer you call her!

Two weeks ago Mrs. Williams took the plunge and moved outside of Mobile with her youngest daughter. To see the boxes packed up broke my heart. When I hugged her neck and she said, " I love you" just like she always does I almost lost it. We didn't say goodbye, but that we'd talk soon. Well, now I am losing it. I miss her terribly. We are watching over her house. And it is SO empty without her there.

She is doing well at her daughter's, eating more and gaining strength. I am so glad. I have called three times to check on her and just might call her every night from here on out. It just seems right. She has so much wisdom to share- she never drove, still wears only dresses, picked cotton for much of her life, hated to clean and cook but loved to eat and work outside. Oh, how I miss that woman! God be with her.

My emotions are mixed tonight because her great grandson and his wife will be moving into her house for awhile. They will fix it up a bit in exchange for staying there while they look for a place to buy. They are very nice, young, seem hard working. But they are not Mrs. Williams.

Change is good. It will be good to have someone next door. But will they pray for me? Check to see if we are at home? Ask me to come fix the t.v. or stove? Bake Dave a cake for mowing the lawn? Or shove $2 in your hand for taking her to the store or the doctor? Oh, what fond memories I have. I know that the new neighbors will be good too.

For goodness sakes Kara! She hasn't gone to heaven just to Alabama! It sure does feel like I have lost her though. Kind of like a big chunk of my heart is missing and aching still in place all at the same time. I miss her. I think that a trip to Alabama will be coming along here soon. We'll see how long I can wait.

For now it is off to bed with a book, some prayers for my friends and a special one for Mrs. Williams, thanking God to have her in my life.


Joy said...

When we moved into my Grandma's, she had been gone for over 5 years and the house had been vacant. I know you miss her, but be glad someone is moving in right away instead of just leaving an empty house there to sit. I will pray that they are a burst of sunshine for you. Definitely not the same, but a good kind of change.

Meghan said...

Oh. Thinking of you, friend. I am sorry you have "lost" your lovely neighbour.

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