Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thinking About Old Friends

I have recently reconnected with some old friends. I guess that happens a lot these days with the internet, Facebook and all. Most of the people I have reconnected with are some really good guy friends from a million years ago. I have been thinking a lot about them and our friendships. What spurred my contemplation of these friendships was talking to a student at work who honestly asked if I believed that a guy could treat her well and respect her. Heck yes!!!! was my reponse. I realized that part of my believing that were the good relationships that I had with my guy friends. Shoot, even my husband was once one of those big brother figures back in the day. Thank God!!

So I realized that through these good friendships with guys that God taught me so much about relationships, the opposite sex, myself, and how a girl should be treated in a godly way. It kind of formed the foundation for what I wanted and expected in a husband- mostly friendship, respect, compassion, fix it skills, musical abilities and utmost a love of God. God placed these guys in my life at different times to encourage me in my low places, to sing sweet songs to me on the phone before falling sleep, to encourage me through illness, to accompany me to dances, to teach me to have fun, to lead me closer to God, to listen to my tears and walk with me as brothers through life. None of them were romantic relationships, just pure friendship. They saw me through some crazy times in life. I am SO very thankful for them.

I have been contemplating so many special moments in those friendships lately. I have found myself with tears in my eyes. God knew that I needed a brother in life and I was/am blessed with so many!! I am so blessed to have reconnected with some of these guys. We have grown up, gotten married, divorced, experienced death, births, success and hardship. Somehow, it seems that we are all still walking with the Lord. This blesses my heart so deeply. God was a big factor in all of these friendships. I am so glad that He still is.

Ok, I could get all mushy, but I am going to stop here and try not to. I just really wanted to publicly say Thank You Friends. Thank you for treating a girl with respect, caring for her, encouraging her and praying for her. It has meant the world to me. I am looking forward to catching up and many more years of friendship!

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