Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buds and Blooms

Spring is here! Things are blooming and getting ready to bloom.
My mini daffodils, a grape hyacinth and and the bottom left lily of the valley leaves.

Some little buds on my new apple tree! Not sure if they are leaves or flowers. We'll find out soon.

The mahonia bloomed like crazy this year! I gave it a hard pruning last spring. Looks like it liked it.

My flowering quince is about to bloom like crazy! It too got a hard pruning this last spring when we cleaned up the backyard. I can't wait to see it in full bloom.

And my favorite old fashioned flower, the camelia. Other than daffodils it is my first sign that spring is not too far away. This is the first bloom for it this year. Yippee!! Soon They will be filling vases and jars all over the house. I love spring! What's blooming in your yard?


Jen said...

nothing...absolutely nothing. It's pretty depressing.

Although the do poo is pretty fragrant.

Jacoline said...

Over here it's also mini daffodils, the tulips are about to pop open, violets all over the place. And the rocket-, spinach- and fieldsaladseeds are growing more by the day.

Oh, I love it!

Joy said...

The Jonquils along the side of our house are giving the cottage a nice splash of yellow color and we have some "double-jonquils" blooming in the backyard that must have been planted an eon ago. They are so curly and gorgeous. I think they were mowed over before - I will definitely be dividing and moving them after the blooms are gone. Maybe I can post some picks on my blog - you would love them! Camelias are one of my favorites though - oh so sweet!!

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