Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flowers of Friendship

Every summer I enjoy doing a Bible study with some of my best friends. We enjoy digging into God's word together and having an excuse to get together! Two summers ago Jennifer gave us all a little pot filled with a sprig of a pretty green plant. I have moved it indoors and outdoors over the seasons and it has found a nice sunny spot in my dining room.

A few weeks ago I noticed buds forming inside of the leaves. I was stunned. I didn't know that this plant would flower. Then one morning I found this beautiful bloom!

It is so lovely! The fragrance is amazing too. It was such a nice surprise. Isn't that how many friendships are? They start out small. We nurture them over time. Sometimes we give them more attention than others. They get a bit of fertilizer as we go through trials together. They grow and change as we look for the right spot where they fit into our lives. We share tea and friendship, marriage, births and deaths. 

Then one day we realize that the little friendship turned into a beautiful plant. We are blessed with these gorgeous blooms of love, trust, and devotion. Special moments that stick out in our memories of times shared. Years have passed and we have grown together.
I am so blessed by my friends and the deep kindredness that we share. We have grown in so many ways, yet still I am surprised when on occasion there is a beautiful bloom! Thanks friends for feeding and nurturing me and helping me bloom. And thank you for sharing literally your  flowers with me.

I have no clue what this plant is called. But now it is my Flower of Friendship. I hope that I too can pass some along and watch it bloom in someone else's home.


Jen said...

I killed that plant, what does that mean?

I LOVE this post, and I'm all teary-eyed by your sweet sentiment. I am so thankful for your friendship. You have made my life more lovely as well.

Kara said...

Jen, killing the plant just means that you have us to fall back on for another one! And I am thankful for your friendship too.

Joy said...

I think it's a type of orchid...a very beautiful one too! Lovely post by a lovely friend.

Kara said...

The bloom looks more like an Iris. I haven't looked it up. I guess that I should when I am in the mood.

Jennifer said...

I can't remember what my mother in law called it. It came from her stepmother in Pass Christian, MS years and years ago.
I left mine outside on the first deep freeze and it's killed. The good news is Kara's is probably putting out new "plants" and maybe she can share with us! Joy needs one too!

There could be something symbolic about that...neglecting our part, but a true friend still gives even when we have nothing left. Cheesy, huh?

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