Thursday, March 4, 2010


Saturday our neighbor called and told me that she has left some goodies in our door. Here is what I found:

Delicious oatmeal raisin. I ate two. Dave ate the rest of the bag.

Later in the day she called out from her porch and said that she had something for me. 
Here they are!

Some lovely tulips! How nice. How thoughtful. I have been wanting some flowers but have been working hard to stick to our budget. God must have heard my heart. Then he nudged hers. Thanks God! Thanks Cathy!


Jen said...

I read that pink post-it note 3 times before I realized it said "you kids" and not "your kids". I was thinking, "Is Cathy prophetic?" LOL

Thanks for the awesome email earlier...I'm so excited for what God is doing!

Godwantsmedead said...

Gosh...I want your neighbors! I got a nasty note that said my dog barks too much and they are reporting us to the police for noise ordinance violation. dog is never even outside.

I love that pic of you kids too. :)

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