Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Know, I Know

It's all about Olive Hope lately, but this little lady captured my heart. You really should grab a box of tissues, sit down and watch the video that Lynette made for Olive's memorial. Oh, how precious! I wept for this little life gone so soon, for her mama and daddy left with arms around each other and a hole where she should be. I am amazed, I guess, not just by Olive Hope. But by her parents living their life out loud, seeking God during her short and trying life for all to see. What amazing love. What amazing faith. What dedication and hope.

I know that I will cry a few more times for sweet little Olive. I know that Rusty and Lynette will be crying much more. Lynette posted a letter to her little one. Oh, how sweet! Oh, how honest! They keep walking out this faith, this hope for a future. Well done guys. Well done. I am honored to know you and to have shared even a little bit in this tiny ones life. I have said it many times, and I mean it~ I am carrying you around in my heart and lifting you up to Him all the time.

I keep thinking of the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". Indeed, we do.

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Emily said...

Oh, Kara. Since you first mentioned Olive months ago I have been following her life, her journey. I have never even met this family, but have cried, even wept for them.

I lay in bed last night and fell asleep thinking of a mother's empty arms.

Thank you for introducing this family. It is amazing how one little life can reach around the world and bring people to their knees. God really does exalt the weak, and I look forward to meeting her one day.

For now, her mommy and daddy will remain in my prayers.

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