Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Another Monday

Today was just another Monday. Nothing special. The first Monday of a new year.

I don't really have much to write about but I want to write. It is cold outside. Seriously cold. I might lose some of my pretty plants tonight. They can take a night or two of this, but a week? I do hope that they survive.

I am trying to make good on some goals. I have bread rising on the stove. So far it looks beautiful. Warm bread sounds like just the thing for a cold night. I really want to get back into the habit of baking bread once a week. It is really therapeutic and so delicious! It will go great with the beef stew simmering on the stove. I hope to master at least two kinds of bread this year.

Dave is at work. I miss him at night. We don't get to see much of each other. It makes our time spent together more special but the weekend seems really far away. So I have Star Trek on, one of his favorite shows. Makes me think of him.

Ok, gotta get up and tend to things in the kitchen... What are you doing to brave the cold? Got any new recipes? A hearty stew?


Julie said...

I'm going to try making Mandy's white chicken chili tomorrow. Since I was also buying jalepenos, I figure I'll try a spicy cornbread, too. May have to buy some milk just in case I make it too hot!

Joy said...

The kids and I like to turn up the music and dance in our pajamas! Also, hot chocolate and all the calories you can handle...I don't mind putting on a winter coat so long as I think I can take it off again come spring!

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