Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope Endured

I got online today to see that little Miss Olive Hope has passed away. I read through every single comment that people had left on Rusty and Lynette's blog while tears were streaming down my face. I saw a couple of postings from my friends and family. I have been sitting here crying, thinking about the Body of Christ and how amazing it has been that one little baby brought so many people before God in prayer. She flew half way across the world. She was a pretty special little lady.
I love this photo of her with her little scrunched up face. You will be missed Olive.

I'll be praying for her mommy and daddy, Rusty and Lynette as they grieve, mourn and figure out what God has in store next for them. To read her full story you can go to their blog. Peace be with you Rusty and Lynette. The Body of Christ is mourning with you.

They are asking that donations be made to the Ahka Youth Center where they have been working in Thailand. Those youth loved Olive, too. So many people did.


Jacoline said...

Tears stream down my face too, Kara. Thanks for posting about Olive a few months ago. Though tough sometimes, experiencing the Body of Christ is very special too. Wouldn't want to miss it...

Meghan said...

This has wrecked me so very badly. That sweet, sweet little girl. Oh how my heart breaks.

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