Thursday, October 2, 2008


It is finally fall and truly feeling like it. I love the cool air at night and the warm afternoons. I love leaving the doors open and letting the breeze flow through. I baked bread for the first time on my own last night. It seems like perfect timing for the cooler weather. 
October is a favorite month of mine for another reason too. It is my birthday month! I have decided to have some small gatherings so that I can actually visit with friends and enjoy their company. Want to join me? Here are some things that I would like to do.

1-Go play Monster Golf
2-Have tea and little treats on a leisurely afternoon
3-Wine and cheese night?
4-have a picnic
5- have a Lisa Samson book Birthday(I love her books!)
6-find a place to pick your own pumpkins, for real
7-set up some places for birds and hummingbirds so that I can watch them from my windows
8-plant some violas

Ok, I am serious. If you want to share with me in any of these things, and have a date and time available, let me know. I have been missing my girl time and this is a great way to get some in. At least I think so! 


~heather said...

october is a favorite here too.
i was the happiest little chicky yesterday with all my doors and windows open and then a fire in the fireplace last night. heaven!

okay i pretty much want to do everything on your list. i bought the hummingbird syrup stuff 2 days ago, actually. plus some bird feed.

are violas the thing to plant? i need to get cracking on that too. i heart flowers and this house came with NONE. i cannot live in a flower-less house. it's against my personal beliefs. ;)

i neeed a windchime too.

i have the world's craziest schedule and a million kids, but i'm sure we could work something out in the next couple of weeks.

love you...

candace said...

Can we have a "teach candace how to sew night?

I LOVE how you ARE all things SOUTHERN. It is truly beautiful.

Meghan said...

I am free anytime except for the 10th, obviously. Which, by the by, are you coming? I sent you an email...

I leave for NYC on the 19th...

I MUST see you soon!

Kara said...

Yes. Yes. And Yes. Let's pin things down. Email me! I lost some email addresses.

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