Friday, October 10, 2008

My Husband

Can I tell you how awesome my husband is? Yesterday I could not find Saber. I got pretty worried. I had no idea that I had become so attached so quickly. Turns out she was at her rightful owner's house. Oh yeah, she is their kitty. She chooses to stay around us.

When she returned, Dave decided that she needed a bath. The poor baby smelled bad and was covered in fleas. Dave filled up the tub and brought her in. He was so patient with her. She ended up getting washed twice, once with shampoo and once with flea soap. She freaked out the second time and peed on him them pooped in the tub. All the while Dave was calm and talked to her quietly. Then he sat on the porch with her wrapped in a towel and combed out all of her fleas. She purred and purred. 

We let her come inside to dry off and explore the house after she was all combed out. She was so pretty with her coat whiter than snow. She is definitely still a kitten. She ran around checking everything out and kept trying to get into our dinner plates. She rolled around on our rugs and chewed on them. Silly frisky kitty. It was lonely without her when I thought she was gone.

Dave is going to be a good daddy one day. I saw it clear as day. He was so patient and kind. Saber purred while he bathed her, combed her, and spoke to her. So cute. I love my husband.

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Meghan said...

This was so lovely to read. I'm sure that Dave will make a great father, and you, my dear, will also make a great mother!

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