Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Other Gods

This is the Bible study that I am doing this summer with a few girlfriends. Can I just say that it is really good?! I asked my friends yesterday to get on to me about taking the time to do the study. I had been pretty lazy about carving time out of my day for this. We have a spoken rule that you don't have to do your homework, but it is so much better if you do! I got home last night and did a whole week's worth of lessons. The more time I seem to spend on it, the more I want to do. I have read more scripture than I have in a year at least. I have been encouraged and challenged. I want to read more of the Bible, seek out more truth, spend more time with God. I am realizing how depraved I had been. How refreshing God's word is! 
Are you ready to confront our modern-day idols? Check this out. You will be blessed. 


Jennifer said...

Good for you Kara! It's awesome how "alive" God's word is and it gives us life. I'm loving doing this study with you!

Kara said...

Thanks Jennifer! I am enjoying it too!

Geoffrey said...

Hi Kara,
I was so intrigued and encouraged by your blog on this study that I went on a hunt this morning for the book, but finally came home and just ordered it online. :) I downloaded a podcast on iTunes by the same author. Can't wait to dive into this study.
Miss you, Friend!
email me sometime -
Take Care,

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