Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Photos!!

I know that you are jumping for joy because you have been waiting for photos from the garden. Well here they are! 

Here is one of our eggplant plants. Aren't they pretty?

Some green tomatoes. They are growing every day. It won't be long before we have ripe ones. I can't wait! I think that I might eat a tomato sandwich every day!

Some jalapenos. I made cornbread with jalapenos last night. It was so yummy!!

Ta-da! Watermelons!!! We have nine of these little babies growing right now. That isn't counting the little bitty guys. We planted yellow watermelon. It is the preferred variety by my dad. He refuses to eat red. Did you know that there is yellow watermelon? I am always surprised when people comment that they have never seen it before. I hope that these are good and worth the wait!

We planted a summer squash medley. Here are 3 kinds, held in my gardening apron. The striped one is an Italian largo, a yellow straight neck squash(we also have yellow zucchini), and a light green zucchini called magda. There is also a little cucumber in there.

Here she is! It is hard to get a good shot. But here you can see the upper and lower garden. Things have grown since this photo was taken! Things have really taken off. All that rain we got a week or so ago really made the plants happy.

Here is the patty pan squash, just starting to grow. Now these guys are giving us 3-4 babies every day. They grow so fast. A little guy like this will double overnight. They are really yummy and a little sweeter than plain yellow squash.

One of my favorites and a garden staple- the banana pepper. I like these a lot. You can eat them with almost anything. They are very mild and I think they taste green. Yummy!

Here is a little cantaloupe blossom. We finally have little cantaloupes! The mosquitoes were too bad yesterday for me to get a pic. I hope that they grow well. The vines are really pretty anyway.

And here is a little fig tree. Do you see the figs? I have a big one in my back yard, but the birds usually devour them before I can, or the mosquitoes keep me at bay. They are really yummy though and easy to grow. I love to eat them fresh from the tree.

Whew!!! I think that we are all caught up now. I never did take a picture of the beans. I will have to remember to do that. The okra is about to blossom and the corn is coming on. The tomatoes will turn soon and we will have some good eatin'. 

 I hope that all of your gardening is going well. Until the next post, keep praying for rain and visit a local farmer. There are lots of them out there selling their goods. I like to stop by and pick up some things that aren't ripe in our garden yet or that we aren't growing. It makes me feel connected to the community and lets them know that they are appreciated. Growing food is hard work!


Jamie said...

Kara! Your garden looks amazing. If I ever have a place for a garden I would love a lesson. Hope you and Dave are well

Meghan said...


Well done.

Julie said...

I took your mom's advice and shredded yellow squash into an omelet last week - it was super tasty.

I am rather proud of the cucumber plants growing in pots on my deck, but the tomatoes didn't make it. I don't have the touch.

Aaron Todd Williams said...

Wow! You do have a great garden. My husband is becoming a good gardner, I am of no help, but all the tomatoes he planted for me are dead! I think I got one, and it didn't taste to good!
Nichole - from NCCS - the redhead! (I use my husband's username because I don't have a blog)

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