Sunday, July 20, 2008

And here they come!

So I finally got some photos up!
Here is our niece making the cutest face ever! She had just learned how to climb the stairs.

The new kitchen and dining room floor. What a relief! Isn't it pretty too?

The most delicious blueberries that we picked at a friend of my mother's.

We also picked blackberries.

And we picked plums.

All of the fruit was made into jelly. It took awhile, but I think that all of it is made now. And just a note, the fruit you see here is just a fraction of what we picked! We went a bit nuts, but we shouldn't have to buy jelly this year! Next to come pictures from the Fourth, then the garden!


Jo said...

I LOVE the new dining room floor!!!!!!

We've been picking lots of fruit, too, but I've been making baby food for the freezer while the good stuff is in season. :) Fun times.

I just got ma clipping of chocolate mint from a friend. Have you heard of such deliciousness??? I hadn't until she gave me some. It is amazing as iced tea.

I need to call you soon. Today's nuts, but I'll call when I have some time this week.

Miss you!

Susie said...

Okay, that fruit looks delicious! I can practically taste it from here.

Julie said...

Lovely. I need to get over and actually see the new floor.

Also, while I'm thinking about it, please keep this comment as a reminder that you need to get me your crockpot recipe for beans.

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