Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

We celebrated the Fourth at Mandy and Chris's house. We had a delicious dinner!

Followed by a yummy festive flag cake. Go Mandy! The boys had beer floats- Dave's creation last Fourth. I'll stick with the cake.

The boys decided that since people were shooting off fireworks, they could shoot Chris's gun. Here is Dave giving it a go.

The night ended, not with the fireworks we had anticipated, but instead the neighbors brought all of their fireworks to the empty lot behind Mandy and Chris's. We had our own personal fireworks show with front row seats. We had a great time. Thanks Mandy and Chris for having us over!

And here is my apple pie. I made it a week or so ago, but wanted to post a picture of it. It kind of goes. I mean what says American like apple pie? 

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